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Lola´s Story

Little Lola´s is a surviving piece of history, a glimpse into a culture which only remains in the smallest, hidden villages of Spain. 

Lola is a force of nature. She leaves an impression on everyone who has the pleasure of passing a little time with her. To Lola, her skills are simple; “I just use the extra material I have to make little dresses”. From this material, Little Lola´s was born.

With designs passed down through generations we have been able to truly preserve the last of a cottage industry and the unique style found only in Spain.

We are a network of women, working across the villages surrounding Zaragoza. You will notice each item in our collection is named after a village, each one with its own special connection to us. 

Designs had never been drawn on paper, until now. Lola has created each style, putting materials and patterns together, freely and usually in a different order each time – just as generations of women have done before her.

Now, we invite you to join us in the “Design with Us” section, where we hope you will enjoy creating your own little piece of our Spanish heritage. 

All of our products are made by using quality, organic fabrics, which are just as kind to our precious environment as hey are to your baby’s delicate skin.

Every element is hand selected and sewn with love (and usually over a café con leche in the home of a friend) .

We intend to deliver your items as quickly as possible, but due to our environmentally responsible approach, we may take longer than desired.  That, and the fact we believe that life… isn’t for rushing!

Your clothes are made with care, enjoyment, and love. This is a feeling that can´t be sent in a delivery box. It is the feeling we promise to give with you when you see your baby wearing our design.

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