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Cookies Policy

This cookie policy is intended to inform in a simple way, in order to understand the uses that are given to the cookies collected on this page. To comply with Law 34/2002, it is necessary to obtain the express consent of the users of each page through which they are going to navigate before they do so.

If there are any doubts in this regard or they arise after reading this policy, you can visit the Privacy Policy page and supplement your information.

Definition of Cookies

It is an element that contains texts with information about users who visit web pages and allows the storage of said information to speed up future visits that the user makes to the webs by recovering said content. Some of the data that is saved is related to search preferences, languages, statistical data, etc. allowing the website to offer a more personalized experience on future visits.

Types of Cookies

Depending on who manages the cookies and the domain from which they are sent and processed, we can speak of “own” or “third-party” cookies.

There are other differentiations that can be carried out based on the storage time, being session (little time) or persistent (they last in time). Another way to name them is depending on the purpose for which they are obtained, differentiating these into the following cookies: technical, analysis, personalization and advertising or advertising according to behavior.

You can visit association websites or public bodies to complement the knowledge about each type of cookies.

Cookies used on this website

We proceed to explain and report the type of cookies used on this website and their purpose.

Little Lolas uses the analysis tool called Google Analytics for the traceability and study functions of the navigation carried out on the web. You can see cookies in your browser oriented to this end, both the own cookie type, the session cookie and also the analysis cookies.

The main data collected from users is; the frequency with which they access, the number of them, the most repeated behaviors, devices and browsers used, language, areas and territories (through their IP).

Google takes care of protecting your identity by truncating the IP address. In this way, Google Analytics does not have the purpose of obtaining personal information from the user who accesses the site and can only perform this function if Google is legally required by a competent authority.

JSESSIONID type cookies are also stored to add unique user data (makes the user unique) while browsing the web.

The show_cookies are used to obtain and manage the user’s consent to proceed with the web cookies and differentiate it from a user who does not accept the policy. They are of a technical nature, of a session in terms of their duration and their own in terms of storage.

Policy acceptance

When the user clicks the Accept button, acceptance of the cookie policy is taken for granted.

Configuration modification

At any desired time, you can delete, block, change and restrict cookies on the web. The procedure to execute these actions will vary depending on the browser from which you want to carry it out. In all of them there are help and guidance functions to carry out these actions.