Little Lolas

The New Sensational Sustainable Fashion Brand

Sensational new romper by Little Lola’s

The Brand

As a new brand founder of a slow fashion brand, outlining brand values seemed like it should be quite simple. We all want to appear environmentally friendly and provide a great service for our clients. Yet when going into greater detail I found that it’s not as easy as it first appeared.

Little Lola’s was always going to be a slow sustainable fashion brand, primarily because of the nature of our product- intricate handmade baby clothing that is made by grandmas, who can’t be rushed for anything.


A Sustainable Slow Fashion Statement

Taking a deeper look into the sustainable world I found that most of us know very little about the real numbers. According to Slow Fashion global, 20% of  freshwater pollution comes from the colouring and treating of fabrics for the textile industry. I was shocked that the percentage was so high, but even more astonished when I read that each year over 430,000 tones of clothing are thrown away. It really made me think, what were we doing as a new brand to discourage people from throwing away our beautiful handcrafted garments?

And then it clicked, previously when I had asked Lola how she came to make such adorable clothes, she answered me so simply; “I just use the extra material I have to make little baby dresses. I don’t throw anything away, everything can be used for something”.  Without thinking she summed up a full movement. In Lola’s generation, they reused, passed down and then redesigned. As our garments are designed to last, nothing less than this is expected with them.

Why Slow Fashion and Sustainability is a perfect fit?

I’m sure we all have a classic pair of shoes or handbag that never go out of style and that we can pull out of the wardrobe at the last minute. However to be able to use our favourites over and over again, we need to buy well. Possibly spending a little more than we would like.  With worlds spending increasing year on year, we definitely should be worrying more about spending too much on numerous products and less about spending well on quality.

Keeping this in mind we feel like our little brand sits in the perfect place in the baby retail market to fulfil our slow fashion goals.

We won’t produce different collections four times a year, but a simple trans-seasonal collection twice a year. Providing our customers with timeless, high quality pieces that they can dress up and down to change according to the season. As babies grow so fast it’s a shame that they often don’t get the chance to wear  out all their clothes, but hopefully by following our family culture at Little Lola’s, customers are encouraged to pass along and pass down items. It seems a shame to keep such beautiful creations in a drawer for too long.

Create your own style

The biggest attraction for most of us to the fashion industry is being able to wear what we want and combine different looks depending on how we are feeling. But in creating this character and personality we show through our clothes, we are ultimately being lead by current trends in what we should buy. In order to combat this need to be in style we have chosen to help you really find your own style with our customisation section. Providing our customers with the exact opposite of fast fashion, slow sustainable fashion with full control over what your little one wears. This lets us make something that is tailored to your true style where you have full control.

Sandra Kamarik

Marketing Little Lolas